Wildcharge allows you to charge you mobile phone wirelessly

The new Wildcharge charge pad can recharge your mobile phone wirelessly. At launch, the new pad arrives with adaptors for the Apple iPhone, Blackberry Pearl and 8800 plus the iPod Touch. However, more adaptors are on the way and, in addition to phones and iPods, the pad can recharge digital cameras plus other electronic devices.


The flat charging pad can provide up to 15 watts of power.


"WildCharge's technology is more than a simple charging solution for mobile devices - it's a true revolution that will ultimately eliminate the array of tangled chargers, adapters and cords consumers currently deal with on a regular basis," WildCharge CEO Dennis Grant said, "There's no 'trickle charge' here. Our technology delivers instant power to all WildCharge-enabled consumer electronic devices just as if they were connected directly to an electric outlet. Virtually any consumer electronic device can be readily WildCharge-enabled."


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