Will mobile users in UK be charged for receiving calls?

Mobile phone owners who use their phones in the UK could be charged for receiving a phone call. The charge could be imposed on basic, domestic calls. This would be similar to the system used by UK mobile users when they take their phones abroad.


A similar charge structure is already under-way in both the USA and Asia but, instead of UK users receiving crippling phone bills, if the EU has its way the move might actually result in lower phone bills overall.


The furor surrounds the mobile termination rate: the fee that mobile network operators charge to connect calls made from other fixed or mobile networks. EU Telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding, as the Daily Mail reports, wants to cap the fee. Reding believes that a cap would simplify the mobile system. If done successfully, UK mobile charges could adopt a US model where overall charges are lower because there is no payment between networks when a connection is made between them. Despite the user paying for the incoming call, outgoing phones rates have fallen in the USA to balance the cost.


Reding has already forged a successful campaign to reduce mobile phone charges abroad.


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