Thumbs UP?s mini wind-up charger

Environmentally friendly as well as saving you money, Thumbs Up's new wind-up phone charger can bail you out when your handset runs out of juice. Compatible with a range of phones from all the major manufacturers, the wind-up charger comes boxed with a host of adaptors, including one that can be used to charge your iPod. Simply plug your phone in and wind up the handle to give your phone's battery a much needed boost. There's even a handy torch built in, and the body is robust enough to withstand the odd knock, making it a good accessory for campers and climbers who may find themselves miles away from an electricity output. At only 9g, it's also easily transportable.


At present the device is only available to buy for £9.99 from wholesalers (a business account must also be set up) where a minimum of six must be brought at any one time. However, the device is available for general sale from in the near future.

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