Magi-Privacy Screen for your mobile phone

A new stick-on film ‘skin' from Cell-Savers, called Magi-Privacy, is reported to increase the security of your mobile phone. The one-size fits all film (which can be trimmed to size) is placed onto the top of your mobile phone's screen. When looked at directly, the screen displays all of your information as normal. However, if you look at the screen from an angle of more than 30 degrees, the screen appears black.


The film has been developed because of the increasingly annoying over the shoulder peering into mobile phones in crowded places such as on trains, waiting in an Underground station, in a cafe and so on. However, there are more serious reasons for its application including espionage, stalking and plain theft.


The skin contains no adhesive and doesn't leave any residue on your phone when removed. It comes with a bubble removal card and polish.


The Magi-Privacy Screen is now available for just £7.99. Order direct from the website.


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