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Granted, this particular tariff does require a bit of discipline on your part. However, if you accept this mission, you'll save yourself a lot of cash. The discipline involves you claiming your cashback on the stipulated quarterly periods and then banking it to pay your line rental fees. If you can do that then your line rental, for the contract life, will fall from £30 per month to a reasonable £15.83 per month!



  • Handset name:Samsung F110
  • Supplier:Dial-A-Phone
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: O2 200
  • Free call minutes: 200
  • Free Texts:500
  • Rental/month:£30
  • Contract:12 months
  • Offers: £170 cashback

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Look and feel

The Samsung miCoach is a lightweight slider phone with a robust plastic casing and a patterned grip-finish on the rear casing and around the joypad.



Samsung's miCoach can be set to monitor a workout that suits your needs, whether you're a serious athlete or a part-time jogger


Ease of use

With two well signposted keys providing instant access to the Workout and Music functions, the miCoach is an easy phone to get around.



Putting the phone's average camera and web browsing abilities to one side, the Samsung miCoach is an excellent fitness-tracking tool.


Battery life

Although the miCoach is designed to offer low battery consumption, the battery is quite weak with only 150 minutes' talktime and 250 minutes' standby.



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