Sony Ericsson G700 and G900 mobile phones announced

Sony Ericsson has launched the first two mobile phones in their new G series: the G700 and G900. Launched at the Mobile World Congress, the company describes both as "touchscreen organizers with a broad appeal." Both handsets allow you tro write notes on the display using the stylus and then stick them on the home screen of the handset as a sort of Post-It note. Also, if you want to contact someone, you can touch the relevant name in your phonebook and all of the various contact options will appear onscreen.

The G700, includes a 2.4in touchscreen display with a 3.2MP camera and will arrive in Silk Bronze. The G900 adds a few more features such as WiFi and a 5MP camera with built-in autofocus and a continuous shooting mode. It will arrive in dark red and dark brown.


Apparently, both handsets are due for a Summer release in Europe, although no UK price point has yet been announced.


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