Qik to appear on Windows Mobile phones

Qik, the mobile video streaming application, already available for the Nokia N-series of mobile phones, is due to be expanded to other handsets. The software allows you to stream video direct from a mobile phone to the Internet.


Qik has reportedly been working closely with Microsoft's Windows Mobile development team. Observers say that the product, which is currently in an alpha version, should be available, in a beta format, in two month's time with further announcements for inclusion on more mobile phones to come.


Ramu Sunkara, Qik's CEO, commenting on the announcement to the Business Wire website, said that, "We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Microsoft. In the meantime, Qik continues to provide a service that helps keep friends and families stay connected, features breaking news from professional media and citizen journalists and fosters a totally new kind of communication."


"Qik is at the forefront of how video from mobile devices should be shared and integrated into our social lives," said Scott Rockfeld, group product manager at Microsoft. "As people increasingly expect high quality, streaming video on mobile, Microsoft is committed to working with our partners to deliver the best video experience on Windows Mobile phones."


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