Samsung to make SCH-W510 mobile phone from corn

Samsung has announced that its forthcoming SCH-W510 mobile phone will be made from corn flour. The new mobile utilises a new form of bio-plastic whose main constituent is corn starch. Of course, not every single part of the mobile will thus be constructed.


According to the Telecoms Korea website, however, many of the parts of the mobile including the battery cover will be formed from the new substance. However, the rest of the phone will use anti-bactierial coatings to minimse harmful effects of mobiles on both the environment and the human body. The new phone will also not include any lead, mercury or cadmium.


Other features of this new handset are open for speculation. There appears to be a camera with an included flash, a wide display screen plus eco-friendly additions such as a headset and charger.


Thus far, no distribution announcements of prices have been announced for the UK.


Click here to read the Telecoms Korea story.




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