Sens Inclusive concept mobile phone for the visually impaired

The new Sens Inclusive concept phone is specially design for the visually impaired. There are concept phone designs being produced all the time but this is the first practical attempt at trying to solve the problem of supplying a successful design for visually impaired mobile phone users.


Created by Takumi Yoshida, who also designed the Bluetooth headset that arrives with the mobile phone, the Sens Inclusive features a unique keypad which incorporates an unusual shape for each and every button making them distinguishable by touch. The handset also includes real-time audio feedback. The mobile will also be able to display a variety of colours for different functions - for those users whose vision can still dissern colour recognition.


Of course, this is just a concept, so the design is not about to be distributed in the UK. However, often, this sort of ‘in the flesh' design can be the impetus for a mass produced model. It is hoped, therefore, that a major manufacturer might take note of the Sens Inclusive and develop it further.


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