Neon Sign mobile phone announced

A new handset, called the Neon Sign, has been announced in Korea. It's most visible and intriguing feature is that it includes a total of 49 LEDs which sit on the front panel. Owners of the phone can then choose one of 46 icons which, when selected, form on the front panel, utilising the LEDs to illuminate the chosen icon. Of course, the LEDs also allow the user to animate the icon.


The new mobile phone arrives with WCDMA global roaming and video telephony. It also includes a  small, built-in camera of just 2MP but it does feature a MP3 player plus multi-tasking options and includes features such as an electronic dictionary and text viewer.


According to the AVing website, the phone measures 91.8 x 48 x 16.9mm and weighs 108g. It arrives in four different colours including white, blue (described as sky blue), pink and black. An equivalent UK price will be between £200 and £250. However, no UK distribution or official price has been announced.


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