OinBar MP100 mini projector for the iPhone mobile phone

Honlai Technology has announced a mini-projector for the Apple iPhone called the OingBar MP100. The gadget was announced at the Computex 2008 show. The new OingBar MP100 is a LED-based unit that is portable and utilises LCoS micro-projection technology.


When in use, the unit can project an image from 15 - 27in. The attendant resolution of the projected image is 640 x 480 pixels whilst cramming in 16.7 million colours and, for audio purposes, it also provides 2W stereo sound. The constrast ratio is a relatively modest 200:1, however.


According to the AVing.net website, under the hood, the OingBar MP100 includes an ANSI 10-15 lumens lamp. In use, this should mean that the portable projector should be able to run for around 20,000 hours before it requires a replacement.


As of yet, there is no news regarding the price of the unit or what sort of distribution will be applied to it.


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