Motorola release H560 and H620 Bluetooth headsets

Motorola has announced two new Bluetooth headsets: the H560 personal model and the H620 in-car headset. Both feature noise reduction facilities plus echo cancellation and TrueComfort design. Motorola says that the headsets are compatible with over 200 Bluetooth devices over 15 brands.


According to the Mobiletech Review website, the H620, in-car model, includes technology that allows the volume to adjust depending on the road noise. The model includes a dashboard holder and a rapid in-car charger plus voice dialling capacity. There is also a set of light indicators to monitor the battery level.


The H560 includes multiple ear cushion sizes to ensure both comfort and the increase the seal around the ear to reduce background noise. The headsets provide 7 hours of talk-time and 8 days of stand-by time.


The headsets are due in Autumn of this year but no prices have yet been announced.


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