Powermonkey-explorer provides battery solution

In today's current climate, it's good to see that companies are beginning to make the most of natural resources. The powermonkey-explorer is the latest device to use the suns energy. Providing an alternative to the standard charger, simply plug in your mobile, smartphone or MP3 player and the powermonkey will give your device the required battery boost.


Powertraveller Ltd claims that a fully-charged powermonkey will provide up to 96 hours of juice for most mobile phones, claiming to be compatible with the majority of Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, BlackBerrys and Sony Ericsson handsets thanks to the various adaptors that the device comes boxed with. Powertraveller Ltd suggests you try and keep the powermonkey fully charged at all times by leaving it in direct sunlight.


The powermonkey-explorer is available in pink, blue, grey and yellow from various airports and from their online shop www.powertraveller.com, with an RRP of £65.

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