Nokia N85, N79 and 5800 Tube XpressMedia mobile phones spotted

Three new Nokia N-Series mobile phones have been spotted: the N85, N79 and 5800 Tube XpressMedia. The Nokia N79 is based on a candy bar chassis design and, thus far, has been seen in two colours with a standard keypad and front-facing camera.


According to the Unwired website, the N85, arriving in brown or white, features a similar design philosophy as the N95 and N96, with its slide action. This new handset is a higher-end design which is re-enforced by the reports of a 5MP camera that includes auto-focus with a lens cover and a built-in Xenon flash.


The final handset is arguably the most interesting of the three. The Nokia 5800 XpressMedia is also known as the Tube - early news of this handset has already been posted on this website - and resembles an iPod in its design. Said to include a touchscreen, there has been a measure of disquiet that the Tube also includes a stylus which infers that the included interface is not best suited to finger-based use, a downside as the iPhone has made such an interface very popular.


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