Asus ZX1 mobile phone has that Lamborghini style

The new Asus ZX1 smartphone features a new Glide interface to improve usability. Notable within the new design is its ‘modes' operation that, depending on what you need to use the phone for, will push certain features to the fore making them more accessible. For example, if you key in a ‘work' mode, then more productivity features will be accessible. However, if you select a ‘weekend' mode then more multimedia-based features will be immediately accessible. All modes are customisable and easily changed by the ‘glide' of a finger.


Other features, for this Windows Mobile-based machine measuring 115.6 x 59.4 x 13.2mm, according to the website, is a large 2.8in screen and, of course, that Lamborghini branding. This association even extends to the interface which includes tachometer-like clocks and boost gauge-like metres.


Additional features include HSDPA for fast data transfer, quad-band GSM, a TI OMAP 2431 processor and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. The ZX1 also includes Bluetooth and expansion via a microSDHC port plus two cameras for video calls.


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