HTC Shadow II mobile phone spotted for the first time...possibly

The HTC CONV 100 has been undergoing testing in the USA - its it believed to be the oft discussed HTC Shadow II. The testing has been initiated by the FCC, the US-based body which regulates all mobile phones in the USA.


The new handset appears to include WiFi and Bluetooth and, on some of the published images, it also seems to include a BT antenna, which is the clue to its ‘Shadow' identity. HTC has made a habit, in the past, of naming its early prototypes under ‘assumed' names. The HTC Juno, for example, was later revealed as the HTC Shadow.


According to the Cell Phone Signal website, other reported features include an improved 1100mAh battery whilst the new mobile phone is said to run on Windows Mobile 6.1. When it is released, reports say that the phone will appear in both black and white liveries - must have taken a while to think of those - but final release dates, distribution and price have yet to be disclosed.


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