Treo 800w mobile phone, proposed release date

Reports say that the new Treo 800w is due for release on July 13th in the USA with a suggested price of $249.99 or around £125 in the UK - although no official UK release date or price has yet been fixed.


Other new details include power news - that is, the 800w's reported battery will be a 1150mAH unit, the same battery used within the Palm Centro. Other features include the MSM-6800 chipset with 100Mb of program and 170Mb of storage memory with the whole lot being run by a swift ARM1136 processor. Additional features include WiFi with a specific WiFi button and ringer switch perched on the top.


According to WMExperts website, the 800w includes a built-in camera of 2.1MP with a USB port that holds an adaptor for a 3.5mm headphone jack. Software features include the very welcome Threaded SMS so you can keep track of long conversations.


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