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With the anticipated announcement of the 3G iPhone, expect an influx of iPhone accessories in the next few months. Audio specialists Voix, has already got in on the act with the release of the MPX 2.1 speaker system. Consisting of two slimline tower speakers that measure just over a metre tall, the MPX is compatible with all dock enabled iPods including the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Plug your iPhone into the docking station found on one of the towers and the MPX will actually charge your device while it plays. Users will also be able to plug in any audio device that sports a 3.5mm earphone socket.


The MPX 2.1 speaker system comes with a remote control allowing you to alter the bass, treble and volume from a distance. However, the MPX comes at a price, £249 though Voix promises a powerful speaker system that will enhance any home entertainment system.

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