Mobile Choice's Guide to Mobile Broadband: Part 2: HSDPA phones

HSDPA phones have been with us for over a year but it's only now that the operators can offer the network coverage needed to let these handsets demonstrate their skills.


You may notice that one or two HSDPA-enabled handsets, such as the Nokia N95, are missing from this section. We've selected the handsets that we think are currently the best available and, in the case of the Nokia N95, it has since been upgraded to the N95 8GB, which does feature.

You'll also notice that there are no HSDPA-enabled operator-branded handsets here. However, a number of these handsets are made by HTC; and some of these do feature.


As for the phones yet to launch, we've picked four from the major manufacturers that we think will make an impact.


Nokia N95 8GB

As one of the most powerful and popular phones around, the N95 8GB is an HSDPA-ready phone with a synapse-stretching array of features, including a five-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a whopping 8GB of built-in  

storage. Dedicated keys give you one-click access to movies, music, N-Gage-quality games and photos. You can also browse the web and view email attachments on the 2.8-inch QVGA screen. The N95 8GB's high data speeds mean you're only seconds away from applications like Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype, eBay and Google.



 Available on: 3, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin

 Style: Slider

 Size: 99x58x21mm

 Weight: 128g

 Key features: Five-megapixel camera/N-Gage games/HSDPA

 Memory: 8GB internal

 Talktime: 204 mins

 Standby: 187 hrs

 Video talktime: 126 mins (comes with 3 Video Pack)


Nokia 6120 Classic

Don't be fooled by this candybar's neat, unassuming appearance, as it can access the internet and send emails at mobile broadband speeds over HSDPA. As part of Nokia's Classic range, the phone boasts a simple yet stylish finish with good connectivity via Bluetooth and USB. The 6120 houses a two-megapixel camera with a built-in flash and panorama effect for those wide-angle shots.


 Available on: 3

 Style: Candybar

 Size: 105x46x15mm

 Weight: 84g

 Key features: HSDPA mobile broadband

 Memory: Expandable microSD

 Talktime: 186 mins

 Standby: 230 hrs


Nokia N82

 Available on: O2, Orange

 Style: Candybar

 Size: 112x50.2x17.3mm

 Weight: 114g

 Key features: Five-megapixel camera/Wi-Fi

 Memory: 100MB internal/microSD slot

 Talktime: 260 mins

 Standby: 225 hrs


Sony Ericsson W890i

The W890i may be light and slim, but it is one of the most powerful handsets in Sony Ericsson's Walkman range. It packs in a 3.2-megapixel camera, Google Maps, RSS feeds and a 2GB memory card. The large screen means menu icons are clearly displayed, and the 3.6Mbps HSDPA makes surfing the web and downloads a speedy experience. This phone has music at its heart, with a host of cool music applications on board.

 Available on: 3, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone

 Style: Candybar

 Size: 103.8x46.5x9.9mm

 Weight: 78g

 Key features: Walkman music player

 Memory: 2GB Memory Card M2

 Talktime: 570 mins

 Standby: 360 hrs
 Video talktime: 200 mins (comes with 3 Video Pack)


Sony Ericsson K850i

This Cyber-shot handset is currently Sony Ericsson's flagship camphone, boasting a five-megapixel lens, auto-focus and Xenon flash. To complement the K850i's mobile broadband data speeds, it offers email, RSS feeds and a 2.2-inch TFT colour display.

 Available on: 3, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Virgin

 Style: Candybar


 Size: 99x58x21mm

 Weight: 128g

 Key features: Five-megapixel camera

 Memory: 512MB M2 card

 Talktime: Up to 540 mins

 Standby: Up to 400 hrs

 Video talktime: 200 mins (comes with 3 Video Pack)


Sony Ericsson K660i

The K660i is a striking candybar with mobile broadband and is available in two exotic colour combos - white with a lime trim or black with a wine trim. HSDPA data speeds let you rapidly access online services like Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Google Maps, and the display is surprisingly sharp for such a compact phone. The phone boasts some great video and blogging apps and there's a two-megapixel camera with flash. The lime and white version is only available on 3.

 Available on: 3, T-Mobile, O2

 Style: Candybar

 Size: 103x47x15mm

 Weight: 95g

 Key features: MMS

 Memory: 256MB M2 card

 Talktime: 540 mins

 Standby: 330 hrs


Nokia 6110 Navigator

 Available on: Vodafone

 Style: Slider

 Size: 101x49x20mm

 Weight: 125g

 Key features: GPS sat nav

 Memory: 40MB/microSD

 Talktime: 210 mins

 Standby: 265 hrs


Sony Ericsson W910i

The W910i is a stunning Walkman music phone with a smooth slider. It boasts HSDPA on the ‘3G Turbo' network so it's great for web browsing and downloading videos and music. The device also features music recognition service TrackID and Shake It.

 Available on: 3, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin

 Style: Slider

 Size: 99.5x12.5x50mm

 Weight: 86g

 Key features: Walkman music player

 Memory: Memory Stick Micro (M2)

 Talktime: Up to 540 mins

 Standby: Up to 400 hrs

 Video talktime: 200 mins (+ 3 Video Pack)


Nokia E51

 Available on: T-Mobile

 Style: Candybar

 Size: 114.8x46x12mm

 Weight: 150g

 Key features: Business functionality

 Memory: 130MB/microSD

 Talktime: 260 mins

 Standby: 312 hrs

 Video talktime: 126 mins


Samsung F490

The F490 is one of Samsung UK's most powerful smartphones yet. This touch-screen handset boasts a huge 3.3-inch display, a music player, 3.5mm jack port, Picsel document viewer and Google Search. There's also a five-megapixel camera with auto-focus.

 Available on: tbc

 Style: Touch-screen slider


 Size: 115x53.5x11.8mm

 Weight: 102g

 Key features: Five-megapixel camera with auto-focus/Google Search

 Memory: microSD

 Talktime: Up to 360 mins

 Standby: Up to 220 hrs


Samsung G800

Most famous for being the world's first ever five-megapixel camphone to feature a 3x optical zoom, the G800 is also a speedy web browser and content downloader. It's not Samsung's slimmest model, but it's certainly one of the most powerful.


 Available on: O2, Orange, T-Mobile

 Style: Slider

 Size: 101.5x52x18.8mm

 Weight: 129g

 Key features:
Five-megapixel camera with
auto-focus, HSDPA

 Memory: 160MB/microSD

 Talktime: 200 mins

 Standby: 220 hrs


HTC Touch Dual

HTC has a whole raft of HSDPA-enabled phones, including the S730 and the Touch Cruise. However, it's the Touch Dual that most floats our boat. The Touch Dual slider has a touch-screen OS utilising HTC's clever TouchFlo technology. However, the mobile broadband data speeds gives the Touch Dual the browsing edge over many of its touch-screen contemporaries.

 Available on: O2, Orange

 Style: Slider

 Size: 107x55x15mm

 Weight: 120g

 Key features: Touch-screen navigation

 Memory: 128MB/microSD slot

 Talktime: 200 mins

 Standby: 250 hrs


Sony Ericsson W760i

 Available on: O2

 Style: Candybar

 Size: 103x48x15mm

 Weight: 103g

 Key features: 3.2-megapixel camera/GPS receiver

 Memory: 40MB/MemoryStick Micro

 Talktime: Up to 540 mins

 Standby: Up to 400 hrs


Motorola RAZR2 V9

The RAZR2 V9 is a stunning clamshell with a slimline stainless steel frame and a two-inch external screen with touch-sensitive keys, which let you choose music and browse photos. HSDPA also makes for a great web browsing experience.

 Available on: 3, Vodafone

 Style: Clamshell

 Size: 103x53x12.9mm

 Weight: 120g

 Key features: HSDPA and video capture

 Memory: 45MB internal/microSD card slot

 Talktime: 180 mins

 Standby: 295 hrs


Sony Ericsson Z750i

 Available on: 3

 Style: Slider

 Size: 97.4x49x20mm

 Weight: 110g


 Key features: Built-in GPS/Google Maps

 Memory: 64MB internal/Memory Stick M2 card

 Talktime: Up to 540 mins

 Standby: Up to 400 hrs



Samsung F700

 Available on: Vodafone

 Style: Touch-screen slider

 Size: 112x56x15.9mm

 Weight: 139g

 Key features: Touch-screen and three-megapixel camera

 Memory: 100MB/microSD

 Talktime: 270 mins

 Standby: 300 hrs


LG KU990 Viewty

The LG Viewty is a mobile broadband handset that's packed with functions. At the heart of the Viewty is the large three-inch high-res touch-screen, which showcases the phone's web browsing and video functions. In fact, you can record high-quality video footage and play it back in slow motion thanks to the 120fps video player.

 Available on: 3, Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin

 Style: Slider

 Size: 54x104x15mm

 Weight: 112g

 Key features: Five-megapixel camera

 Memory: 170MB internal/microSD slot

 Talktime: 210 mins

 Standby: 285 hrs


HTC Touch Cruise

 Available: SIM-free

 Style: Touch-screen slider

 Size: 110x58x15.5mm

 Weight: 130g

 Key features: Touch-screen/GPS

 Memory: 128MB/microSD

 Talktime: 420 mins

 Standby: 400 hrs


LG KF700

LG's KF700 is the second LG phone to feature HSDPA after the Viewty. It's a smart, compact slider offering three modes of navigation. The main screen is touch-sensitive with haptic vibro-response. The device also has a slide-out keypad and a jog-dial on the side which operates a customisable carousel menu. The KF700 also boasts a capable music player.

 Available on: O2

 Style: Slider

 Size: 102x51x14.5mm

 Weight: 104g

 Key features: 3.2-megapixel camera/touch-screen

 Memory: microSD slot

 Talktime: 180 mins

 Standby: 280 hrs


Motorola RIZR Z8

 Available on: O2

 Style: Slider

 Size: 109x50x15mm

 Weight: 112g

 Key features: Video functionality

 Memory: 90MB/microSD

 Talktime: 300 mins

 Standby: 380 hrs


New HSDPA phones


Nokia N96

The N96 is a dual-slider phone boasting a large 2.8-inch screen, 16GB of internal memory and support for high-quality videos in a wide range of formats, including MPEG-4 and Flash Video. Transferring and accessing videos is rapid with HSDPA and Wi-Fi. There's also an integrated DVB-H receiver, enabling live broadcast TV.


Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

The Xperia X1 is a Windows smartphone featuring a three-inch touch-screen display, a slide-out QWERTY keypad and a cool metal finish.  The device boasts sat nav, camera, a stereo music player, Wi-Fi and high-speed uploads and downloads, not to mention the full Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Samsung U900 Soul

The Samsung U900 Soul is a slimline slider that combines top features like a five-megapixel camera and HSDPA data speeds with the sleek designer finish you'd expect from an Ultra Edition handset. The Soul offers a ‘magic' touch-sensitive virtual keypad, which transforms according to the phone's mode.

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