ARM predict High Definition for mobiles phones

Microchip manufacturer, ARM, has said that it will produce 1080p HD TV quality screens for mobile phones by 2010.


The Multi-core Mali-400 MP from ARM has a single vertex processor capable of 30 million triangles a second. The new GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) can apparently hold between one and four fragment processors, this means with four it will fill more than a billion pixels a second, which is more than enough to deliver 1080p.


A spokesperson for ARM said, "We are still trying to work through this but in terms of IP (i.e. chip design) vendors, and perhaps also GPU [silicon] vendors; we think we are the only people to offer full OpenGL ES 1.0 1080p for HD TV"


It is, at the moment, a little difficult to see the requirement for a HD screen on a device as small as the mobile phone. However, by 2010, there may be applications of alternative, practical requirements for such a device - or is ARM just bragging to get a bit of publicity?


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