Sniff, tracking service for mobile phones

A new UK mobile phone tracking service has been released by Sniff - a US-based company run by Useful Networks. Accurate to around 100 yards, the service, which has been up and riunning in Scandanavia for several months, provides a map to the enquirer on the location of the requested mobile phone.


Of course, such a service is only viable if the owner of the mobile phone gives their permission. Another option for the ‘target' is to switch off the capability from their end. Thus, both sides - the tracker and trackee - can cut the service at any time. You can register the service on a variety of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.


Interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, CEO Brian Levin said, "You are fully in control of who can track you and when, you can go invisible any time - that is paramount. This service is for people you have a trusted relationship with - people you give your car keys or the keys to your house. The most asked question on mobile phones is 'where are you?' and there are a lot of cases where you don't want to answer your phone because it is too loud or have the hassle of texting."









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