World's first phone directory found

The world's first telephone directory is up for auction in Connecticut, USA, via Christies'.


It only took two years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone for the very first telephone directory to be published, which may surprise some. No phone numbers were printed, just the names of the subscribers to the new invention. It did list businesses too, however, which means that it's the world's first Yellow Pages too.


According to the Discovery News website, the tome even includes some handy instructions for users of the new fangled phone device, "Should you wish to speak to another subscriber you should commence the conversation by saying, 'Hulloa!'" it advises.


Other useful instructions say that you must leave your "lower lip and jaw free." Also warnings were issued that you should never, "...use the wire more than three minutes at a time, or more than twice an hour" without first "obtaining permission from the main office."


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