MOTO Z10 boasts vTap

Motorola's new MOTO Z10 is the latest handset to offer the web video search service, vTap. The service, which is already available on the Apple iPhone, Microsoft Windows mobiles and a host of Sony Ericsson handsets, allows users to search and browse web videos from any source on the internet, such as YouTube and MySpace. Designed with the mobile user in mind, vTap, created by technology company Veveo, immediately begins to search as soon as you start to type in the first few letters, thus saving you from having to type out an entire name, phrase or sentence.


Users can create their own profiles, and favourite videos can then be stored in personal folders and shared with friends. In addition vTap allows you to set your preferences meaning you will receive links to new videos that fit your profile as and when they are posted up.


The MOTO Z10 features both HSDPA and DVD-quality feedback at 30 frames per second (fps), making it the perfect handset to take advantage of the vTap application. For more information or a demonstration of vTap, visit

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