T-Mobile MDA Compact IV - first thoughts

We reported in early May that T-Mobile has teamed up with smartphone manufacturer HTC to launch the MDA Compact IV, a slimline smartphone boasting 3D touchscreen graphics and HSDPA data speeds of 7.2Mbps. 


Yesterday, Mobile Choice attended the official launch event in Munich and we've brought a fully working test sample of the Compact IV back to the UK with us. So what are our first thougfhts?


For the uninitiated, the MDA Compact IV is T-Mobile's specially customised version of the new HTC Diamond smartphone, featuring integrated T-Mobile favourites like MyFaves and web n walk internet browsing. The obvious aesthetic difference is the fact that the MDA Compact IV eschews the prism-like diamond design that adorns the back of the HTC-branded device and, in our opinion, it looks all the better for it. With its matt graphite rear and glossy black fascia, this is a sleek, slimline handset which looks too sexy to be a smartphone.


The 3D touchscreen is a saleable gimmick that really does work. The browsable album art for the music player borrows a little from the iPod, but looks great nonetheless and the weather forecast page offers some neat graphical flourishes, including a set of windscreen wipers which flick across the screen when rain is on the way.


However, it's the web browsing experience that most impresses with the Compact IV. In addition to HSDPA and HSUPA data speeds, the Compact IV promises to let you enjoy the web 'as the designer intended', and solves the small screen problem by automatically re-fitting the content to the page whenever you zoom in to view a section. All the while, you're scrolling through the touchscreen web pages with a stroke from the tip of your finger.


As for the usability of the touchscreen, we found that it takes a little while to pick up the knack. However, as HTC's product guru demonstrated, once you've mastered it, you've got it for life.


Read the full review online very soon.

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