New I-O Bluetooth keyboard for mobile phones released

I-O has released a new Bluetooth capable keyboard which can be used by owners of Smartphones. The keyboard is very small and portable. However, it is big enough to give you the extra freedom required when you wish to type fast. To do that on a Smartphone can be a problem, especially when used by those phone owners with stubby fingers. It is all too easy, on the phone, to type a stream of nonsense as the key adjacent to the one you're after is typed instead.


The I-O is a full QWERTY keyboard and spans 151.5(W) × 92.1(D) × 14 (H)mm which means that it will easily fit into your briefcase or handbag. In the USA, the keyboard is priced at $150. So, let's say £75 which is a lot cheaper - and lighter - than using a laptop.


At the moment, there has been no announcement  regarding a UK distribution.


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