Canon K-Touch C280 mobile phone with 8MP phone

Canon's K-Touch C280 mobile phone features a 8MP camera. The new camera also includes a 3x optical zoom with 1600 ISO support. In addition, it also features the CMOS sensor from Samsung and Canon DIGIC III image processing.


According to the website, there are thoughts, however, that this particular handset may only be sold into the Chinese market. Part of the problem, it seems, is the rather bulky nature of the handset. However, there have been no statements regarding distribution or price for any possible sale in European markets.


It was only a matter of time, where mobile manufacturers are constantly searching for features which will give them an edge in a competitive market, that the camera would, once again, receive attention. There have been plenty of rumours of large MP-based cameras but this is the first time a new generation phone has actually appeared.


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