Tesco extends its VoIP service onto mobile phones

Tesco has decided to extend its Tesco Internet Phone VoIP (supported by Freshtel) service by supporting and introducing four Nokia handsets: The N95, N81, E65 and E51 - all of which will be able to make free calls to other Tescos customers.


However, because the company's basic service is low cost, it will not be making this new VoIP option available to existing customers. Also, because the standard Tescos, low-cost, contracts are all designed to save money, the company believes that it is unlikely that those users will want to stump up for a relatively expensive handset.


However, one the advantages of Tesco's new VoIP service is that you will not have to grab a new phone number to access the VoIP facility.


The Tescos trial hopes that merging both the standard mobile phone service and the new VoIP service will result in a more easy to use VoIP option that, sometimes, can be less than straightforward.


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