Nokia Maps 2.0 now available

After beta stage success, an updated version of Nokia Maps is now ready for download. Aimed at providing an all-round better navigational experience, Nokia Maps 2.0 promises faster routing for drivers as well as a range of different views including birds-eye and arrow. Drivers will now be able to plan a route with multiple stops, and signposts will be clearly visible.


Pedestrians will be able to enjoy the added benefit of locating their position by providing information about the surrounding buildings, streets and parks. Furthermore, if the phone supports it, integrated compass orientation will notify you of what direction you are walking in. Finding your way to train and bus stations will also prove easier, as public transport information such as station entrances and bus stops will be displayed in 17 cities.


Other features of Nokia Maps 2.0 include satellite images providing real aerial views to your mobile, and addresses, restaurants, accommodation and alike can be found with the 'one-box search' tool. Nokia Maps 2.0 has maps for over 200 countries courtesy of Navteq and TeleAtlas, 70 of which are navigable and downloadable direct to your handset.


To download Nokia Maps 2.0 or for more information, visit

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