New Dior miniature style mobile phone released

A new style phone has been released by the Paris fashion house, Dior. Priced at the equivalent of £1,750 and £2,500 and more, the phone is short of published specifications, although a camera and touchscreen are featured.


The phone is small in stature, about the size of a USB key and is designed to clip onto the outside of a handbag for access, to save women rummaging about in their handbag.


Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano said, "In the same way that we have developed our watch and jewelry lines, we want to increase sales with the phone." Toledano said the idea of creating a Dior phone was driven by demand in new luxury markets such as China and Russia, "What really convinced us was seeing the attention people in emerging markets pay to buying a phone, by selecting the color and design." In Europe and the US, in contrast, phones are seen as more disposable commodities, he said.


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