Jabra BT8030 stereo mobile Bluetooth speaker...or headphones?

The Jabra BT8030 headphones can also be used as a speakerphone for VoIP calls. Ideal for users who want to use a fold-away set of headphones for music, whilst attached to your mobile phone and also as a speaker for VoIP calls when attached to a suitable device such as a laptop. In this mode, you open up the headphones and stand the device on its own, pointing towards you.


According to the Fareastgizmos website, the new Jabra headphones will last for 26 hours in music mode and 32 hours in talk mode. They will also reside in stand-by mode for up to 25 days. Also, if a call comes through to you whilst you're listening to music, the phones will automatically pause the track.


Whilst a formal release date and UK price has yet to be announced, UK customers will be able to grab a set from the link below...eventually. The USA price has been set at $249.99.


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