Need concept phone removes keypad

A strangely shaped concept phone, the Need removes the need for button input and encourages a natural hand-written interface.


Take a look at the mobile phone market, like the car industry, most of the handsets currently on sale look vaguely alike with a similar interface. Apple's iPhone has done a lot to change that view. However, now most of the latest handsets look like the iPhone.


According the the Behance website, designer, Tamer Koseli, was determined to take his own path when designing his new mobile phone. Possibly taking a leaf from the Bang & Olufsen school of design, the new Need is a long phone that is inherently simple in that it is only of use for phone calls and texting. The phone is dominated by a long LCD, touch screen. Doing away with a keypad, you can write directly onto the OLED screen when sending messages.


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