Sharp announces advance in mobile phone battery technology

Sharp has announced a new development in direct methanol fuel cells. The company has proclaimed that its new development produces more power than other competing fuel cell technologies currently in development, for its size.


This news is doubly interesting. Firstly because the battery technology is moving an a-pace and secondly because this is the first time that Sharp has publicically declared that its working on the battery technology in the first place.


According to PC World, in the USA, DMFCs produce electricity from a reaction between methanol, water and air. They are seen as a much greener technology because the only by-products of the new battery technology are water vapor and carbon dioxide - and that in very small quantities. The new batteries can also be topped up with a new methanol cartridge in seconds. Hence, there will be no more waiting for lengthy recharges.


The availability of the battery has yet to be disclosed. Other competing companies include Toshiba, Sony and NEC.


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