Paraben CSI spy stick - made for mobile phone snoops

The new Paraben CSI stick can snoop on a mobile phone by instantly copying its entire contents onto the memory stick. This rather despicable piece of technology can reportedly extract a range of information from the handset it connects to. That includes sent and received SMS messages, the entire phonebook of that phone plus any included pictures.


The company itself is trying to position the gadget in the world of forensics and is aiming it at anyone who might want to gather forensic-grade data from a mobile phone. We assume that means crime associated activities but that could also mean snooping on loved ones, friends and family.


According to Reghardware, the stick arrives with adaptors for Samsung and Motorola handsets, other adaptors are under development. Once the information is on the stick you will be able to sift through the ‘evidence' with included software.


Available online now for the equivalent of £100 for the basic stick or £900 for the stick and software


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