Cicarette Box 668 - the mobile phone shaped like a packet of cigarettes

The new Cicarette Box 668 mobile phone is not only shaped like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes but it also includes real cigarettes which means that his particular handset arrives with a bone-fide health warning. This new model is just another method utilised by mobile phone manufacturers to shift mobile phones. Witness the equally bizarre Ferrari phone - a handset shaped like a toy Ferrari toy car. It also shows how innovative manufacturers have become when seeking to attract attention.


The Cicarette, available now in the UK and priced at £72.96, is a dual band model with a 1.8in screen displaying 256k colours with an integrated MP3 player and WAP/GPRS for data transfer. It also includes a camera but of an interderminate model. Other features include a USB port plus two free games.


Does this mean that users will have to step outside when they want to ‘light up' their handset?


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