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EMC has designed a new, simple, mobile phone. This new design is just the thing for those of us who are more baffled by mobile phones than excited. If all you want to do is make a phone call, the gamut of features presented by the typical mobile phone currently on the High St. can be so confusing that, for some of us, achieving that simple task can be a big problem.


EMC, which stands for Easy Mobile Calling has designed the solution - or rather, Matthias Pinkert has.


According to Pocket-Lint, all the phone features are four large buttons. One caters for direct dialling, the next handles one-touch calling, then there's a speaker phone button and, finally GPS tracking which is ideal for finding the blasted thing if you've lost it down the back of the sofa or the fridge. The handset even comes with a lanyard to put around the neck.


No UK distribution or prices have been announced yet.


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