Mobile phones - can they damage a baby whilst pregnant?

The UK's Health Protection Agency has issued a warning to pregnant mothers-to-be that caution should be taken when using a mobile phone. The study found that pregnant mothers-to-be risk damaging their foetus if they use a mobile phone and that it is 54% more likely that a subsequent child may exhibit behavioural problems as a result.


The Agency, which studied 13,000 women for the report, did not declare that mobile phones should not be used during pregnancy, however. A spokesman, talking to the Daily Mail, said that the report's findings, "...need to be investigated thoroughly. There may be another cause for the effect observed."


The report declared that mothers who used a mobile phone  2-3 times during a single day increase the risk of their new born baby suffering from hyperactivity and emotional problems. For those mothers had used phones while pregnant and who had used mobiles themselves before the age of seven, the risk rose to 80%


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