LG VX8610 mobile phone incorporates Bluetooth backpack

The new LG VX8610, including a Bluetooth headset, is slated for a June release. The VX8610 mobile phone has been mooted for release for some time via LG but it looks like it will make its actual appearance during June - at least in the USA.


The new LG phone has been making waves for one principle reason, it's featured Bluetooth headset. It is mostly the norm to buy a mobile phone and then look elsewhere for a favourite, third party, Bluetooth headset for an additional cost.


However, LG has produced an intriguing concept of including such a headset as a

backpack addition to the phone itself. The benefit, apart from the fact that you have a matching piece of hardware ready to go with the mobile phone, is that the phone will charge the headset so the headset will be ready to go at a moment's notice.


Engadget say that the handset will also include a 2MP camera, QVGA display screen, microUSB port and microSD slot. No UK distribution or price was mooted.


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