T-Mobile gives Leeds a virtual city guide

Leeds is now home to the world's first virtual city guide delivering useful information straight to your mobile phone. T-Mobile has partnered with an agency called england to provide Leeds City Centre with the capabilities to send useful information direct to your mobile phone. A number of LeedsCast zones are operational in city-centre locations, with each zone housing a mobile-messaging system called a gogo pod. The pod can detect mobile phones from up to 100 metres via Bluetooth, before sending invitations to download the application, quarantine any phones which decline and update applications which have been downloaded.


Information is delivered via T-Mobile's Mobile Broadband network from pods which are located at poster sites, retail locations, entertainment venues and other public spaces. There are initially nine zones, with more being launched in the coming months.


Contact details for restaurants, hotels, shops and bars as well as information on public transport are all available along with contact numbers for local taxi firms. News headlines, special offers and competitions can also be sent to phones, and the system can also detect which zone a phone is in and provide the user with walking directions to other LeedsCast zones.

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