LG develop elliptical and circular shaped LCDs

LG Display has just announced the successful development of both elliptical and circular LCD screens. At the moment, the circular screens are not particular large - just 1.4in - but the elliptical screens have already reached 6in. Thoughts have now moved to the associated development of interestingly shaped chassis to hold such screens. This should also mean that future mobile phones will be adapted to incorporate the screens within new and interesting designs as well as other technologies that use LCD technology.


The 6-inch elliptical LCD measures 78.8 mm in height and is 131.4 mm wide, while the 1.4-inch circular LCD measures  35.5 mm in diameter.


According to the Slashphone website, both LCDs can display up to 262,000 colors while the viewing angle is a very creditable 160 degrees. The elliptical and circular-shaped LCDs will debut at the 2008 Society for Information Display (SID) exhibition in Los Angeles, California, USA to be held the May 18 to 23.


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