iPhone 3G mobile phone nearing release

O2's boss, Matthew Key, has declared that the new 3G Apple iPhone will be here, in the UK, in "weeks". Speaking to the Guardian, after announcing the company's quarterly results, Key commented upon the oft rumoured 3G iPhone handset, "That's more of a question for Apple ... but over the coming weeks we will do a joint announcement with Apple as Telefónica Group."


No details have yet emerged from Apple itself. In fact, many observers expect that Steve Jobs, Applie's CEO, will reveal the 3G version of the Apple iPhone during the Worldwide Developers' Conference, which is being held on the 9th of June in San Francisco.


With a 3G heart, however, the iPhone would then have the capability to download large amounts of data and do it quickly. Hence, video would be high on the list of content. In fact, there have also been additional rumours of an Apple TV service connected to a 3G iPhone.


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