Blackberry Thunder 9500 handset to tackle Apple iPhone

The new Blackberry Thunder 9500 handset is under development by Research In Motion (RIM). The initial announcement of the Blackberry 9000 Bold promised that it was just the first in an array of new handsets from the Canadian mobile phone manufacturer. Now, the 9500 is the first result of that announcement.


The new design exhibits a full screen touch interface with only four physical keys on the front fascia (send, end, menu and back). Indeed, this is the first Blackberry to feature a full touchscreen and, as such, is obviously aimed at the iPhone market.


According to BGR's online reports, there will be no slide-out keyboard. No other details were in the offing - specifications are short in supply, as are photos, this one is a mock-up.


In the UK, the 9500 will only be available via Vodafone. No release dates or prices were mooted.


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