WaSnake shelf displays SMS text messages

The WaSnake houses a cluster of LEDs and optical fibres to display SMS messages via the formed screen. The structure is made from wood and a material known as Elastomer. This means that the single piece shelf itself can be moved to occupy varying heights in a stepped fashion whilst attached to the wall. The ‘snake' appellation derives from the shelf's travel across the wall in a snake-like, winding manner.


The WaSnake, a luminous digital object as well a message display, was, according to Ohgizmo, developed by Jean Louis Frechin and can be connected to a computer acting as an interface for creating information. The operating software is composed of independent widget units, each linked to a part of the shelf.


Quite apart from the electronic additions and the aspect of making more out of a single item than its core role, the shelf's adaptability must make the concept an attractive proposition for future designs.


No price or distribution details are available.


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