Mobile Daily Deal - Nokia 7500 Prism - Free Dell Laptop

I'm still trying to figure this one out. Okay, you don't necessarily get too many free minutes or texts - but then this is a 12 month contract and the line rental's not too high and then there's that free laptop with 1 Gb of RAM and a 80Gb hard disk. And the handset is free. There are comparable 18 month contracts for this deal from the same company where, logically, you should be given a lot more freebies and value and, frankly that's not the case...and you have to pay for the handset. My advice? Keep your head down, don't say anything and jump at this deal!


  • Handset name: Nokia 7500 Prism
  • Supplier: Phone Spot
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: O2 200
  • Free call minutes: 200
  • Free Texts: 500
  • Rental/month: £30 
  • Contract: 12 months
  • Offers: Free Dell 1520 Laptop

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Look and feel

The Prism range of handsets is stylish and eye catching and both handsets have triangular keys.



You get a two megapixel camera, a music player and Bluetooth, together with GPRS and tri-band.


Ease of use

A very easy to use Nokia phone, as you'd expect. The joystick in the centre of the phone works very well.



It's a solid little phone that won't disappoint its target market.


Battery life

As with the feature set, the battery life is respectable but no more.


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