Brando Bluetooth headset looks more like a stylus

The Brando Stylus Hanging Bluetooth Headset has just been released. Unusually, this headset looks like a stylus pen.


The stylus is unusual for the very reason that you don't put the set behind your ear, as is the case with most other units. In fact, you put the stylus to your ear to take a call or, if you decide to use the Brando as a stylus for use with a PDA, you can link the stylus to your ear with the included earphone. It's certainly different but it's hardly hands-free. That said, if you're the type who's always losing those tiny, finicky stylus pens, this chunky alternative might just be the answer.


UK readers who might want to purchase the pen can do so by clicking on the link below. The price for the stylus is $30 or around £15 as an equivalent. You may have to pay an extra $3 or £1.50 for overseas shipping, however.

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