Palm Skywriter - new Windows mobile phone under development

Palm is currently working on a new Windows mobile phone called the Skywriter. The information was leaked along with news of another handset currently codenamed the Zeppelin. However, it since appears that the Zeppelin is, in fact, the 800w. News, of which, is already in circulation and which Mobile Choice has already featured here.


There has been some confusion regarding the name because there has been rumours circulating of another new design due for final release this year called the Palm Drucker. Further investigation by WMExperts, however, reveals that the Drucker and the newly revealed Skywriter are in fact, one and the same. The latter should accompany the 800w as the only two Palm releases this year.


The only image of the proposed new Windows design looks more like a mock-up than a bone-fide prototype. Off the back of this less than appealing image, the Skywriter is reported to feature GPS, WiFi and HSDPA.


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