Sony Ericsson P5 Paris mobile phone - new images.

Sony Ericsson's new smartphone, the P5 Paris, has been seen out and about which has lead to clearer images being taken. Click on the link, below, to see more pictures of the new mobile phone.


The new P5 is a slider with a shiny, mirror-like metal cover. The face of the phone features a large touch display with a front facing video camera for video calls, a minimilistic D-pad and two call keys.


Then slide the phone open to reveal a full QWERTY keypad complete with an array of multifunction keys with the left part painted white and the right parts in black. There should be plenty of room to type as the phone is quite wide. On the rear, a sliding lens cover reveals a 5MP camera. Other features include WiFi (‘b' and ‘g' have both been confirmed but we wonder if ‘n' might be squeezed in before release), GPS with Google Maps, Bluetooth, 3G, and a USB port.


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