BT's new Blackberry hybrid mobile phone in development

BT is working on a Blackberry-like hybrid phone that will allow you to send and receive emails and allow Internet access on the move. Also, at home, the phone will access a router over broadband and, when outside, will automatically then look for a mobile operator such as Vodafone to handle the calls without you really noticing the change-over. The handset is thought to be based on a design from HTC, a company already experienced in producing Blackberry-type mobile phones.


Of course, this is not the first time that BT has proposed a hybrid mobile/landline handset. The Fusion phone was supposed to fulfil that promise but didn't, selling in low numbers and then mainly to corporate customers.


The new BT CEO, Ian Livingston, explained the Fusion's failure to Times Online, "The thing I regret most with Fusion is that no-one else came to market in the UK. That was one of the most difficult things. It made it very difficult for us to explain the proposition."


BT hope for better things from the new design.


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