LG KM380 - new music mobile phone released

LG's new music oriented handset has been released first in China. The KM380 is an unusual design. According to Slashphone, the phone is part ‘candy bar', part clamshell, the screen is always present to the user but the clamshell, which features a 5-way navigation control, is present on the flap for a reason. This is what controls the music aspects of the phone. You then flip the flap, as it where, to reveal the numeric keypad.


On sale now for the equivalent of £100, with no price or distribution information yet for the UK,  the KM380 resembles old Motorolas or even pre-3G Ericssons (before Sony joined the team).


Of most interest to music fans who have audiophilic aspirations, is the news that  music technology has been supplied by the HiFi specialist, Mark Levinson - a company not a person. Mark Levinson, has a reputation for high-end HiFi whose prices often soar into a multi-thousands of pounds so why, frankly, the company would be seen dead in and around a low-fi object like a mobile phone is a mystery. Especially as the technology the company provides for the LG phone is to enhance MP3s. Again, we would have thought that the MP3 name would have been banned from the hallowed halls, etc. ‘Tis strange times we live in.


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