Sony Xperia X1 smartphone handset due for release in September?

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone is, according to a leaked document from Handango, due for release during September of this year. No official release dates or distribution information has been released via Sony Ericsson.


However, Handango is working closely with Sony Ericsson to release the X1. It is thought unlikely that the company meant to release this information. Handango, incidentally, will be responsible for the InHand feature for the X1. InHand allows you to browse software locally on the device, without the connection to the network.


According the the Engadget website, a range of rumoured X1 features were overtaken by the sight of a white paper on the device which revealed that the phone will include pre-loaded, touch-sensitive interface panels - a la iPhone - WiFi, video recording options of 30fps MPEG-4 and that the browser featured will be Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Google Maps and Java should be included too.


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