Palm Treo 800w for July release?

It is rumoured that the new Palm Treo 800w will be released towards the end of July, this year. Such a release has been mooted for a while but this is the first time that a proposed date has appeared to have been leaked by the company itself.


The new smartphone features Palm's popular threaded SMS. More like an Instant Messaging client, threaded SMS messages enable you to send a message, respond, get a response and follow the conversation even if the messages are several hours apart. The conversation tracking makes it easy to follow what's being said. You get a SMS thread for each conversation you're having.


According to WMExperts, in addition, the 800w includes Windows Mobile 6.1, autonomous GPS, a slightly larger keyboard than the 750w with a 320 x 320 resolution screen that appears to be slightly recessed into the chassis plus Wi-Fi. In use, the 800w is said to be very fast.


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